Analysts are all over the map when it comes to housing market performance in UK

London house prices

So you are concerned about housing market in London and across the UK? Will, to give you a clear picture of which direction the prices are heading we are posting some of the analyst’s thoughts on this subject:

It appears that the industry experts are each pointing to a different direction when it comes to housing prices and market forecast for the year 2018. Some use short housing supply to predict a price increase while others blame Brexit and political uncertainty to forecast prices taking a dive in 2018.

What I find interesting is that almost all of these reports and studies luck is to separate the type of buyer. If you are an investor your window of opportunity to buy real estate may be different than if you were a dweller.

There are individuals who consider buying a home for years but yet they are still paying rent. Why? Because they are waiting for home prices to go down. That will never happen and these buyers now can not afford to become a home owner.


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