May 2018

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House Prices: Is it going up or down this year in 2018?

As a result of global uncertainty by Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump prediction of real estate market has become more and more difficult around the world in general and in the UK in particular. UK housing prices enjoyed strong growth in the past few years and now some believe that time for growth is over and housing price might stagnate or even experience a correction. However, there are...


House prices in London falling as other areas are going up

House prices in London fell during the last month, even as the rest of the UK continued to grow. The average Greater London house price was down 0.8 per cent on the month to £593,396. This represented a 2.6 per cent drop in prices since this time last year, according to Your Move. The biggest annual drops were seen in Wandsworth (14.9 per cent), Southwark (12.2 per cent) and Islington (8.8 per...

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